Monday, June 11, 2012

wedding progress, or lack thereof

Ah! Sweet summer! The past 5 months have been a complete whirlwind! Working an hour away from home, with Mark being completely out of commission due to tennis season, Mark trying to start a new business, and IEP season at work was INSANE! Alas, I have made it out alive and I actually feel like I can breathe again.

 So, in the past 5 months, not a lot of wedding planning has gone on. Imagine that. I am a slacker. If there was a job being a major procrastinator, I would rock at it. I have really enjoyed planning the wedding, but unfortunately, there hasn't been much time for it. I sure hope I can pull it together for the next 4 months. Lots to do. Little time.

I have, however, done the invitations and they will soon be ready to send out:

I am extremely happy with how they turned out. Ainsley's babysitter has been an absolute miracle helping me to create little burlap pouches to put the invitations in. The pouches will hopefully look like this when we are finished putting the custom stamping on:

 Thank you to Lemon Tree Paper Co. for the awesome idea :)

Most of our big details are complete. It's really focusing on the smaller details that are driving me crazy. I hope, hope, hope that I can dedicate the time that I need to making this wedding what I have envisioned...

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