Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ainsley turned 15 months on February 4th. I cannot believe it!

Her vocabulary has just exploded! I am absolutely amazed by her and she, without a doubt, teaches me something new about myself each and every day.

She signs for please, thank you, more, all done,and milk.

She says, other than the obvious mama and daddy: please, dog, duck, book, thank you, more, fish, up, no, yes, baby, ainsley (she attempts to say it anyway), cat, meow, bath, down, papa, hi, bye...I think that is it.

She runs everywhere she goes. She avoids bedtime by asking me to read as many books as I will allow. Her new thing to do is stand up in the bathtub, which I hate. She loves to fill her washcloth up with water and then dump it over her head and apparently you have to be standing in order to do that. We are really working on NOT throwing her food at meal times...any advice?

She loves barney, elmo, shoes (both hers and ours), taking walks in her wagon, feeding the dogs, and reading books. Her current food snack favorites are goldfish and yogurt raisins.

Seriously, I need to find this pause button!!

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