Monday, February 20, 2012

nursery love

i never fully finished ainsley's nursery the way that i had me a procrastinator at heart. i remember rushing around the nursery the night before i was induced, panicked that i didn't have anything ready!

fast forward and i still haven't had the time to decorate her nursery the way that i'd really like! however, today i had the day off and i spent a little time adding some fun things to her nursery...

my best friend gave ainsley her first pair of converse sneakers! 
they are now too small and i just couldn't stand to pack them away! 

i used these poms for ainsley's first birthday party! 
they were too cute and i had to find a second use for them! i love it.

 a friend and i hand painted the tree on her nursery. i added some fake flowers for a 3d touch!
her auntie sarah bought her the owl stuffed animal for her owl themed birthday party.
ainsley loves it and so do i!

 my sweet girl after a nap :)

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