Sunday, August 12, 2012

...because the small details make a big difference

i know i have been doing a lot of complaining regarding the lack of time that i have to dedicate to the wedding. but, when i do get the privilege of spending time wedding planning, i actually have a lot of fun.

i have been working a lot on our small details...the part that i think can make or break a wedding. while i won't be having my perfect wedding, i hope that i do a good job reflecting the relationship and love between mark and i.

i wanted everyone to get a sense of what mark and i love about each other. i asked mark if he could sit down and make a list of reasons he loves me. i did the same. i used photoshop and turned them into little 8x10 posters that we plan to display at the wedding:

(you have to click on the images to view the entire picture. i'm still a little blogger challenged)

 i bought old frames and painted them the color of my choosing. i printed the posters off onto thick card stock and cut them to the appropriate size. easy peasy & all that jazz. the "she" looks hard to read on the computer, but in person it's not.

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