Thursday, August 9, 2012

silverware solution

So, like I said earlier, we decided on BBQ for our dinner reception for one main reason...cost. It was a very cost effective option for our low budget wedding.

When meeting with the caterer, however, they charge people a rather costly sum if you want to add plates. Plates for the wedding reception were going to be just as much as the food, and so we declined the option and began searching for an alternative.

My dream would have been to visit different antique stores to buy mismatched china, however, with Ainsley, that just wasn't a realistic goal for me. Ainsley is at the toddler stage where sitting in a stroller and shopping is extremely painful for mommy...she wants down, wants snacks, wants milk, wants water...basically, she wants everything that you aren't giving here, or don't have, which results in leaving the store 10 minutes after we got there because a large temper tantrum has begun.

Eventually we decided and agreed upon biodegradable, recyclable, disposable plates made from bamboo leaves. They are really cute and actually match my decor, so it worked out!

They even had silverware to match. I knew that we needed to come up with something cute to display the silverware...and I didn't just want to wrap them in a, I decided to tie in the paper doily from the program pockets and wrap all of the silverware in a paper doily as well (thanks mom for wrapping everything!) A cheap solution, a lot of time, and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

 How many more days left until the wedding? Eek!

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