Wednesday, November 28, 2012


this year has been a wonderful year so far. i've taken off the year as a special education teacher to be at home with my daughter. i think that most people decide to take off the first year of their child's birth, but to be quite honest, my husband and i couldn't quite get our shit together that soon. so, at the end of last school year, we took a leap of faith and it was the best decision ever! sure, before the paycheck even comes we're broke, but mo money, mo problems, right? [may biggie smalls rest in peace] :)

with that being said, ainsley turned two in november and i swear a light switch went off. holy.batman.temper.tantrums. some days i don't even recognize my own sweet girl. and some days i seriously think she spends the entire day in time out. and those are the days that i think something might be "wrong" with her [whatever that means]. and those are the days that as soon as mark gets home, i run away for a few minutes to have some "alone" time [i say "alone" because that ultimately results in not having alone time at all].

to deal with the frustration of a terrible two year old, i have been dedicating more of her nap time to a little craft therapy. it seriously helps to clear my mind and calm me down. after the wedding, i've gone through a lot of my craft stuff to organize and store away. for this particular nap time i found some unused fabric from the wedding and three embroidery hoops.

there's a wall in ainsley's room that needed some attention. it's what you see immediately as you walk into her room. i never knew what to do with the empty wall. her room is small and in an awkward position in our house. there really isn't enough space to get a decent picture of her room an a whole. but, i think you get the point! i think it's super cute and a way to use materials i probably wouldn't have used before. i may add to it in the future, which will hopefully be in a new house entirely :)

and there's a little picture of my sweetness to end the post. this face says it all. she is definitely looking for some trouble to get into :) but, i still love her. lots. just like she loves "lots of cereal." and "lots of grapes." and "lots of candy." that is her response when you ask her how many of a certain item she would like. it's super cute.

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