Tuesday, December 4, 2012

weekend fun & 2x4 stocking holders

this weekend was full of fun and surprises. i think mark and i have officially determined that our family motto is, 'go big or go home.' each year together, we seem to experience several life moments all at the same time. this year is proving to be just the same. but, i wouldn't have it any other way.

mark has been offered and has officially accepted a new job in staunton, virginia. hopefully beginning at the end of january, he will be the new guidance director at the high school he graduated from. i am excited about this new change. i think we both agreed that we needed a new, fresh start somewhere. neither one of us are really thrilled about where we live now. we love our friends that have grown to be like family, but it never quite felt like 'home' to us. we're more than ready to find our place. a place to raise our family.

so, now comes the potential of searching for a new home AND selling ours at the same time. eek! it's both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. since i am staying at home this year, our price range is significantly low. we are able to afford the mortgage we are paying now, but we have to wait and see what mark's salary alone will qualify for. the first time we searched for homes, i never fell in love with any of them. the very first home we looked at, i fell in love like. we put an offer on the home, but lost it to a CASH offer. seriously!? i still drive past that house when i drive through culepper. sigh. after that, nothing ever compared. mark fell in love with our current home, but i have to be honest...i hate it. always have. and i am so ready to move!

with the excitement of starting over in the home department, i have been looking online for homes in staunton. for the most part, they are disappointing. it is definitely a less expensive area than we live in now, but the nicer homes in our price range are in the most absurd locations. until linden drive. ahhh, linden drive. i love it. this is the first time i have been excited about a potential home. it's beautiful. the layout is exactly what i'm looking for. there's a yard. a fenced in yard. the home is officially move in ready. we wouldn't have a single project to do (unless we wanted one). it's got tons of storage. no carpet. a bathroom in our bedroom that can provide relaxing moments. yes! sign me up. we shall see :)

so, that's we are right now. and i'm happy and hopeful about the future.

because mark loves me, he let me have a craft day on saturday. i'm not much for decorating the home for every holiday, but for ainsley, i'm trying. i wanted to get our mantle ready for christmas (even though we won't even be in our own home christmas morning). we have beautiful stockings, but no hangers. so, my project for the day was making stocking holders.

and here they are:

they were super easy to make, but they were also time consuming. i had all of the materials laying around except for the hooks.

1. six 5.5” pieces of a 2x4
2. mod Podge
3. holiday scrapbook paper cut to the sizes of the 2x4's
4. paintbrush
5. wood glue
6. 3 medium sized versa cobra scew in hooks [i wanted to find silver, but they only had white]
7. sticker letters
8. drill and drill bit for making pilot holes

after cutting the  scrapbook paper to the desired size, you will mod podge it to the piece of wood. i have found that applying the mod podge LIGHTLY onto the piece of wood helps to ensure no bubbles occur after applying the paper. once the entire block is covered, allow some time to dry. once dry, you can go over the entire block with mod podge for an extra seal/top coat cover. once completely dry, add your sticker letter to the front.

to add the hooks, you need to find the center of the block. you can do this by using a straight edge. make lines connecting the corners of both pieces. the 'x' marks the center. drill your hole and screw in the hooks.

and you're done. easy peasy.

i just love our stockings :) 

here's a picture of some of our other goodies displayed on the mantle. my daughter is obsessed with the the glitter ornaments. i personally love my tinsel tree [made from a cereal box]. the other tree is made from twine and has the cutest button topper. 

 now, to get my christmas shopping done this weekend

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