Tuesday, December 11, 2012


How far along? 6 Weeks
Total weight gain: Unknown. Although my pants are fitting a little better, so maybe I've lost some?
Maternity clothes? None

Stretch marks? None
Sleep: I would be sleeping great if Mark didn't snore. I think I have officially become the wife that sleeps on the couch because her husband won't stop snoring.
Best moment this week: Searching for our new home, which has also been stressful!

Miss Anything? Coffee. So bad.
Movement: None
Food cravings: Surprisingly I have none so far.
Anything making you queasy or sick: So far, so good :)
Gender: Unknown
Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: So tired. Some back pain. I also feel like Dolly Parton.

Belly Button in or out? Normal.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I have been super happy. Today, not so much. I am a major bitch today.
Looking forward to: Spending the holidays with my family!

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